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Terms and Conditions

1. General:

1.1. The offer of the website is exclusively for persons from 18 years.

1.2. The escort agency is not liable for the actions of the mediated person, who in this respect completely self-responsible to the customer and not as a vicarious agent of the escort agency.

1.3. We work exclusively on the basis of our terms and conditions. Verbal agreements in all points of these terms and conditions are not valid and can not be accepted by us.

1.4. Our escorts act on their own responsibility and NOT according to our instructions. Therefore, we can not accept any liability for the actions of our escorts.

1.5. By contacting the escort ladies about us is a contract with the respective escort ladies, but not with contact Escort Vienna escort agency!

2. Content:

2.1. The operator of the website assumes no responsibility for the topicality, completeness or quality of the information presented. If the website operator has not demonstrably acted deliberately or through gross negligence, all liability claims against the operator relating to material or immaterial damages and errors arising from the use of incorrect or incomplete information on this website are excluded.

2.2. The operator reserves the right to amend, change or cease publication of the entire website and / or parts thereof without notice.

2.3. For references to external websites (also called "links"), the contents of those pages are in principle outside the area of ​​responsibility of the website operator or author, which is why no liability of the website operator can enter into force. The operator declares that he has no influence on the content design of linked websites neither now nor in the future, which is why he expressly dissociates himself from all contents of such sites and any resulting claims that violate any rights whatsoever. The list of links does not constitute an invitation to visit the respective pages.

3. Scope:

3.1. Contact Escort Vienna arranges for its customers solely on the basis of this agreement an independent companion.

3.2. Deviating terms and conditions apply only if expressly confirmed by Kontakt Escort Vienna escort agency.

3.3. Escort Vienna receives from the escorts a fixed fee for this placement and administration and is not a percentage of their sales or income involved.

3.4. All customer data is treated confidentially and under no circumstances, unless otherwise provided by law, is passed on to third parties!

3.5. The offers are non-binding. All offers are without obligation and without guarantee.

4. Contract:

4.1. The subject of the contract is the mediation of independent accompanying persons for purposes of social support and entertainment of the client and not beyond.

4.2. The Principal undertakes not to require such escorts to perform activities that violate applicable law or otherwise are inadmissible.

4.3. NO sexual or intimate contacts are agreed with this mediation.

4.4. An infringement by the customer requires the release of Kontakt Escort Vienna and the mediated person (s) from the provision of the service.

4.5. Insofar as the client does not make use of the agreed accompanying dates or only partially and the fault lies with him, this does not release him from the payment obligation in relation to the booked accompanying person! Rather, the placement is billed and considered rendered. A replacement of the accompaniment by the mediated person is no longer required.

4.6. If an accompanying person does not live up to your expectations and you for this reason waive the provision of the agreed mediation, you will be required to pay an expense allowance of € 20,00 (travel costs in Vienna) to the respective escort.

4.7. The customer undertakes to book or contact a person mediated by the Kontakt Escort Vienna, also in the future, only via Kontakt Escort Vienna and never directly or through third parties. Violation of this item will result in a payment of € 2.000,00 by the customer to the Agency. Legal steps are not excluded.

5. Contract:

5.1. A mediation comes about through agreement of the will and a corresponding declaration of the two contract parties (accompanying person and client).

5.2. An agreed booking is a legal contract.

6. Fee:

6.1. All agreed fees apply only to the respective order and are gross prices, incl. Statutory taxes. All additional costs during the placement (such as entrance fees, food, drinks, travel expenses, hotel accommodation, etc.) are to be paid by the client and, unless otherwise agreed, under no circumstances part of the brokerage contract offered.

6.2. The agreed fee will be handed over to the escort at the beginning of the meeting in cash (Euro). When extending the booking, the fee to be paid for the renewal is due with the renewal notice and must be handed over to the accompanying person in advance in cash.

6.3. The fee basically refers to one person. If you book two or more accompanying persons, the fee for each accompanying person must be paid individually. For more than one customer when booking an accompanying person, the fee multiplies by the number of customers booking.

6.4. Unused times will NOT be refunded.

7. Withdrawal from the contract - cancellation by the customer:

7.1. In the case of a contract cancellation (telephone or electronic booking) up to one day before the use of our escort service, you will not incur any costs. Already paid down payments will be refunded.

7.2. If the contract (telephone or electronic booking) is canceled within 24 hours before the start of service, any down payment already paid will remain as expense allowance at Kontakt Escort Vienna escort agency, whereby in case of later use of our service this deposit will be credited towards the total fee. If travel expenses have already been incurred, they will not be refunded. Escort Vienna of course endeavors to return unused air and train tickets.

7.3. If no deposit was made on the booking and the contract (telephone or electronic booking) is canceled within 24 hours before the start of the service, the customer must in any case pay 30 percent of the booking value as compensation.

8. Cancellation by contact Escort Vienna:

8.1. Escort Vienna endeavors to fulfill the agreed contractual performance to the best of its ability and to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

8.2. In the event that the booked escort for important reason - illness, accident, important family barriers (illness or death of a relative) - can not take the appointment, contact Escort Vienna will suggest a Ersatzescort the circumstances. The customer has the right to refuse this replacement. In this case, all mutual claims to the actual performance, that is, that the customer can not make any compensation claims to Contact Escort Vienna, even if no. As flight costs, room reservations or other costs incurred.

8.3. Contact Escort Vienna and each accompanying person can withdraw from the service without observing a deadline if the provision of the service is permanently disturbed by the customer. This applies in particular to cases such as drunkenness due to alcohol or drugs, violence, enforcement of incompatible services and an unkempt appearance. The same applies if the customer behaves contrary to the contract to a large extent. Here in particular if he changes the agreed meeting place or the agreed place of the service (hotel) without consultation with the agency, if a delay of more than 30 minutes exists, if demanded payments by the customer were not made on time.

8.4. In these cases, the customer has no claims for damages against Kontakt Escort Vienna. Escort Vienna reserves the right, in the event that the customer has already made a deposit, to withhold this deposit as a replacement for own expenses.

8.5. Contact Escort Vienna may at any time withdraw from the contract due to a hindrance of the service due to influences of force majeure. This right is also for the customer. Cases of force majeure include strikes, natural events, etc.

8.6. Escort Vienna pays back any payments made to the customer without delay, but is entitled to demand adequate compensation for the services rendered or still to be rendered mandatory.

9. Final provisions:

9.1. Storage, transmission, transmission and reproduction or transfer of the content is expressly prohibited without written permission. Violators will be prosecuted immediately and with great severity.

9.2. All orders are subject to Austrian law, place of jurisdiction is Vienna.

9.3. By booking you declare that you have read and agree to our terms and conditions.

9.4. Verbal agreements in all points of these terms and conditions are not valid and can not be accepted by us.

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